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  1. [Resolved] I found a way in another thread over here....

    I found a way in another thread over here.
    Thanks ;)

    If you want to report cracked servers you can use this address: [email protected]

    Kind regards
  2. [Resolved] How to report illigal cracked servers?

    Hello there,

    several people just keep inviting me to facebook groups, which have cracked TS-Servers and give slots for free.
    How can I report this group, the people owning the groups and the...
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    Add ServerQuery users

    Hello there,

    on my Server (I'm the owner of the whole root server) there are different bots for different tasks. Every bot needs to login to the serverquery with the serveradmin user.
    But I don't...
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    [Not possible] Change User Query Password

    -- English --
    Hello community,

    at our server we want to use the query with multiple admins, which are all in the Admin Query Group.
    At Extras in the Client every Admin can create a query login....
  5. Virtual Server is not running, but we are connected?


    I hava only one virtual server, with the ID 1 and the standard port. Yesterday everything was okay (its a new server since yesterday).
    I have Server Query Admin rights and edited the...
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