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  1., these exact..., these exact credentials worked before the shutdown, do you see anything wrong here? Also, if its the second option, I really don't know how that could have happened I...
  2. Server query can't retrieve server list after shutdown.

    My teamspeak server shut down for some unknown reason, could have been a forced windows update, idk. Anyway, after starting the server up again, the server itself works fine but im getting this error...
  3. [Not possible] See all communication on the server?

    Hi! I am running a ts3 server and im often getting conflicts between people but there is no way to know who is right or who said what etc.

    Is there someway i can see all msgs and pokes on the...
  4. Letting a "normal" group change their server group.

    Hi! I just made a "do not disturb" server group. basically people in this group cant be poked. right now only server admins can change to the group obviously, I want everybody to be able to change to...
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