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    Failed to parse global badgelist protobuf

    I'm running on Ubuntu 14.04. I just upgraded to from to and I'm now getting this warning every two seconds in my client log:

    I'm not sure what this means. I restored the...
  2. Automatically disable mic on startup/server connection

    I want TeamSpeak to start automatically when I log in, but I don't want my mic to instantly be enabled. Is there a way that I can default to having the mic disabled, then I manually toggle it on when...
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    I'm not sure how to use that post for my specific...

    I'm not sure how to use that post for my specific question. I'm vaguely familiar with SRV records, but not enough to just throw them in my DNS and call it good. I don't need to move this server...
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    Moving to new server (redirecting)

    I currently have a server at I need to move that to, where is a completely new server. Is there a way to redirect (and possibly update bookmarks if I'm...
  5. [Resolved] Looks like that wasn't set. The group itself...

    Looks like that wasn't set. The group itself stays on the server, its users are just cleared (sorry if that was unclear). Is this the setting that will fix that?
  6. [Resolved] Server groups being wiped every day

    I have several server groups that I've set up for various people to have various permissions, but the groups are cleared every night. I have no idea why this is happening. Anyone have any ideas?
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    [Resolved] Can't change server port

    I'm running a server ( on Ubuntu 14.04, and everything has been working great. I'm unable, however, to change the server port or apply any other command line settings. I edited...
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    Handling a port change properly

    I've had a server running for a little while on the default port, but I'd like to move it to a different port. I've had a modal login message for a little while now with a link to the new location,...
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