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    Modify only own permissions?

    Hi, i would like people can just add or remove only their permissions and not to add or remove to others.. is that possible right now? or i have to wait?

    -- EDIT --

    Or with a channel group...
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    Bad Licence? I just bought it

    i just bought a gamer licence... the invoice is old since 28 july 2018 and i paid it now... my licence will be avaiable until 28 july 2019 or 16 march 2020?
  3. myTeamSpeak doesn't work on my client even i changed password

    can someone help me? i lost all my bookmarks

    * EDIT *

    i lost my identity too
  4. They passed me a cracked licence

    Hi all, i'm new there.
    I helped some friends to have their TS3 in a VPS.. the problem is that a my friend sent to me a cracked licence and i didn't know that... now i have free licence but server...
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