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  1. Problem with my myTeamSpeak account - where can I get help?

    So I just logged in to my myTeamSpeak account to change my e-mail adress.

    I never received the confirmation e-mail I should get (yes I checked my spam folders) so I tried it again.

    The second...
  2. Allowing a group to assign other server groups but not to admin

    Hello everyone,

    I have three groups on my Server:

    1. Server Admin
    2. User
    3. Guest

    I want to allow the group "User" to assign the group "User" to all "Guest" but at the moment I'm stuck...
  3. Allowing other to assign groups

    Hello everybody,

    I'm wondering if it is possible to allow a specific group on my server to assign "server groups"?

    And additionally not all just X, Y and Z but not group A and B.
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    Disabling File Transfer

    Hello everyone,

    I want to disable the file transfer feature on all channels except one which is ecatly for that purpose.

    Is that possbile?
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    Facing a problem with my new server

    Hey guys,

    since yesterday I own a TS3-Server and already facing a problem.

    I have an AFK-Channel and I want to configure it that way that it is not possible (for anyone) to speak within it, but...
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    Looking for Icons

    Hey there,

    I'm looking for some Icons (game related and other things) since the addons page is down for days I wonder if there is any other source for Icons?
  7. Anyway to download it via another source?...

    Anyway to download it via another source?
    Teamspeak Addons are down for days now....
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