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  1. [Resolved] I've tried all possible combinations on port...

    I've tried all possible combinations on port 30033 : TCP & UDP, TCP only, UDP only, but nothing did work.....:mad:
    Now I set port 4998 and ik works terribly fine :D

    Greetz, Marcel...
  2. [Resolved] Thanks

    Thanks for your help, I tested port 30033 and it gave no response, while it was open in my router.
    I changed the port to somewhere in the 4000 and now it works.
    I think my isp closed a certain port...
  3. [Resolved] Can't Upload Icons/Avatar/files (could not open file transfer connection)

    Hi I have a problem with file uploads and get the following messages :

    could not open file transfer connection
    file transfer connection timeout

    This is what the log tells :
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