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  1. Help with showing Teamspeak Server channels / users in PHP (webpage)

    I went through other posts that seemed like duplicates but can't resolve my problem :( I am using the framework here and used the "11. Create a simple TSViewer for your Website" code from the...
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    You should be able to fix this by going to the...

    You should be able to fix this by going to the following place via your Teamspeak 3 server: Permissions -> Channel Permissions. From there click on the channel you'd like to adjust and make sure...
  3. [Resolved] Problem adding server / channel group icon(s) to server.

    Today I setup my Teamspeak3 Server onto my Windows 10 computer and have been trying to setup a few server / channel group(s) on the server including icon(s) but unfortunately I am running into an...
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