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  1. How to restrict access to a certain channel???

    We have an officers room within our ts server where as "only officers" (server admins) should be able to join, but anybody can join this room & it was not set up like this initially, but now all of a...
  2. But how do i do this, what settings to change???

    But how do i do this, what settings to change???
  3. Moving people in channels, everybody can & i don't wan't this, how to fix???

    Well the subject line says it all, we use to have our ts server set up to where only officers (server admins) could move people out of the lobby, now it seems that even people with "normal"...
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    Editing guest privelages???

    My ts server seems it needs just a pinch of help, when guest members join they can now leave the lobby, what setting is it to keep the guest members in the lobby??? Also i just found out today that...
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    New to all this, icon problems???

    I'm new to all of this, me & my buddy just got a new ts server for my wot clan & he made me a server admin but we cannot get our icons to "stay" on people once there logged into our ts. We have to...
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