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  1. TS server up and listed, but freinds cant connect

    Hello all, in need of help :(

    I have been running my TS-server at my dads, managing it via. teamviewer (remotely) for nealry a year now. As i just moved out, i took my server with me. I've opened...
  2. Replies

    [Resolved] Cant change server group icons I COULD BEFORE :(

    Hey guys, someone mistakenly deleted some permissions...which they shouldnt have (fixed that), but they managed to hinder me in changing icons for server groups...i've tryed what seems to be...
  3. Server is viewable, but can't connect, please help!

    Hey guys, i'm in need of help. I've been hosting a TS3 server for me and my freinds for soon a year. The server has been running through a home server, which worked great. With me moving out, my dad...
  4. Sticky: NPL denial and payment

    Hello guys, i'm in need of help
    I've recently tryed to get my hands on a NPL, but denied since i didnt own a webpage. I then tried to see if there was a payment to increase the maxclient cap of 32,...
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