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    ALT key often activates on it's own

    So sometimes my Teamspeak 3 client just gets retarded and i cant send messages and some letters open options and etc,
    like E opens the "Self" menu option and i cant find any threads about this.
  2. Theres a option to remove my friend from the...

    Theres a option to remove my friend from the contact list in the menu(btw my contacts dissapeared i just checked) so i dont know.
  3. So

    This is my friends server i come up here nearly daily, the icons were always fine and the names too oh and if i go to user info it shows the name. I realized that just my contacts(Friended users)...
  4. No names on latest Teamspeak 3 android client.

    I dont know why its just gone its not my fault i reinstalled the app aswell its still bugged.
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