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    TS3 sever on FreeNAS ?

    I would like to know if anyone is using FreeNAS to run a TS3 server.
    If you are using FreeNAS and using Ts3 Server amd64 in the FreeBDS section of the downloads successfully,
    Please can...
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    Licensekey problem

    i have been running my server for over a year with license so i decided to clean up

    i have completely redone my server, fresh folder... used most updated server download.
    Started server to make...
  3. Sticky: multiple clans issue

    I have my own server and was wondering if there is a way restrict groups from entering certain example is as follows:

    Clan A = A group

    Clan B = B group

    Clan C = C...
  4. [Resolved] ok that works now no one can poke while inside...

    ok that works now no one can poke while inside room

    Now is there a way to stop people from poking others inside the room that no pokes are not allowed?
    Can i stop pokes coming from room 2 to...
  5. [Resolved] How to stop poking in specific channels

    Can anyone help me

    i need to stop poking in specific channels on my server

    thx for any help i can get.
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    hourly messaging help

    is there a way to get server to give hourly message to all in server

    i run my own server
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