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    Selbes Problem. Log:...

    Selbes Problem.


    Ubuntu 19.10 amd64
    CPU: uralt Intel-Core2-Duo :)
  2. [Resolved] So does - fixed a deadlock in the server...

    So does

    - fixed a deadlock in the server causing some instances to hang / be unresponsive

    fix this? If yes please change the thread title to resolved.
  3. [Resolved] About 120 servers with about 250 clients. Usually...

    About 120 servers with about 250 clients. Usually a bit more but with the ongoing crashes they dont get that full anymore.

    The server process is still running. I dont know about the state of the...
  4. [Resolved] The server actually sends "Connection refused"....

    The server actually sends "Connection refused".
    Here is a dump of the TCP traffic on the query port.

    T 213.X02.20X.19X:10011 -> [AP]
    (UNKNOWN) [213.X02.20X.19X] 10011 (?) ...
  5. [Resolved] same problem

    Same problem here. No error output. Process keeps running but the instance does not accept any queries.
    Only a restart helps for a while.
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