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  1. [Resolved] Issue is resolved. It was having trouble writing...

    Issue is resolved. It was having trouble writing the new licence file to the directory. Temporary ran the server as root to give it permissions to update file, it updated it, stoped server and...
  2. [Resolved] I noticed it claimed to have downloaded a new...

    I noticed it claimed to have downloaded a new version of the server licence and for a minute or 2 after its started it will accept connections then drop all connections. After it dropped all...
  3. [Resolved] Updated Sever to newest Version, Wont Start Now


    2014-10-06 15:03:34.997150|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.0.11 (2014-09-29 15:33:46)
    2014-10-06 15:03:35.002058|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | SystemInformation: Linux...
  4. First off, YES, This can be done. My community...

    First off, YES, This can be done. My community used the Free Tier Linux Instance for about 6 months and it worked pretty well. You can request a IP Address and as long as the server is up the address...
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    Can my server handle 400 Clients?

    MY community is hosting a huge event and we expect to have about 400 people involved and on TeamSpeak. Will my server be able to handle it?

    4 core CPU
    2GB Ram
    2GB Swap
    100Mbps Uplink
    100GB SSD...
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    Teamspeak 3 Attack Just Happened

    I just had 3 people join my server trolling it. They were being annoying so i banned them, AS SOON as i banned the 3rd one my server froze and it restarted itself. Is there anyway for me to find out...
  7. A way to export the user database as a CSV or other easy to read format

    I need to export data from my user database, mainly the username and their last login time. Is there anyway to do this.
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    Sticky: If you remove this: if [ -e ${OUTPUT_FILE}...

    If you remove this:

    if [ -e ${OUTPUT_FILE} ]; then
    echo "output file alread exists, aborting"
    exit -2

    It removes the warning about the file already existing and overwrites the...
  9. [Resolved] Thank you! It worked!

    Thank you! It worked!
  10. [Resolved] Cannot use microphone when a lot of people are in the same room

    Im not sure what kind of issue this would be and i cant find anything online about it.
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    Plugins Panel no Check marks

    How do i fix that?

    Also how do i chage the blue background for the menu?
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    Make a package

    how do i package up my skin. I already read the sticky thread about it and it doesnt help. I know were the files have to placed but i dont know how to actually make the package.
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    Cant edit part of a skin

    Im at my wits end. How do i edit the part in the Yellow square:

    I want to get rid of the orange text and remove the blue background.

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