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  1. [Not Supported] iOS Client Crash - Player Info Menu (Query Groups)


    People on my server with the iOS client crash when they view the info of another person with a query group - such as Server Admin Query, and other query groups we have on bots. It's...
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    There was some dude on my TeamSpeak (and he did...

    There was some dude on my TeamSpeak (and he did this on a bunch of other TeamSpeak servers too simultaneously), and he made a channel called "BTC: (34 character key)" I'm assuming that has something...
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    TS3 Client Crash


    Someone came on my server tonight and changed his name to some weird characters, causing people with Client on iOS to crash.

    <22:13:45> "Linkler" is now known as...
  4. This is a script I've been looking awhile for....

    This is a script I've been looking awhile for. There was one for SinusBot, but it's outdated and doesn't work properly. Yours works perfectly! I have 124 possible sub-channels (4 for each of my 31...
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    Update for Phone?

    Since 3.1 server update will require 3.1.7 client, and the current phone version is 3.1.6, will there be an update coming soon? Or will there be an exception for the phone to the 3.1.7 requirement?
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    [Resolved] Change my forum username?


    How can I go about changing my username on the forum? I registered this years ago, and it's pretty outdated. Thanks!
  7. What is clear? 9992 doesnt have another port...

    What is clear? 9992 doesnt have another port identical to it. Otherwise it's saying something else that I'm not understanding.
  8. Here is a line from the instance log that shows...

    Here is a line from the instance log that shows my 9992 shutting down.

    2014-08-16 21:25:14.747600|ERROR |Accounting | | virtual server id 6 is duplicated in same instance, shutting down!
  9. TeamSpeak Server NPL Some Servers Shut Down Automatically


    I have been recently having a problem with my TeamSpeak servers that I host. I have a Non-Profit License with 10 servers running under 512 slots. Two of my servers (ports 9992 and 9995)...
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    TeamSpeak NPL Usage


    I recently got an email regarding my TeamSpeak 3 NPL, and how it may be shut down due to me "giving free servers out". Well, you said in that email that I am not allowed to give servers...
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