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  1. 1. Within the Unity package there is a zip of...

    1. Within the Unity package there is a zip of some SDK version, and this does include a Visual Studio project for building the minimal server, when I opened the project in Visual Studio 2015...
  2. Apologies for being unclear. The package I am...

    Apologies for being unclear. The package I am talking about is the one downloaded from:

    On the SDK tab. Under Unity 5 Package -> Download. The full name is:...
  3. Trying to use TS 3.03.2 Unity Package ExampleScene "could not reach server"

    I am running Unity 5.3.3p3, Teamspeak Unity Package on Windows 10.

    I start a new project, import the package, open and fix up the exampleScene, and set:

    Server Address =...
  4. Unity Package 3.0.3: Debugging sample app causes hang

    Exact behaviour varies a little but:

    Using Windows 10, Unity 5.3.3p3 and Teamspeak unity package

    1. Create a new Unity project
    2. Import Teamspeak package
    3. Open...
  5. Unity Client Documentation: Quickstart.pdf says server is in package

    Quickstart.pdf page 2. Quickstart B)

    Instructions say:

    B) Start the included TeamSpeak SDK Server
    (1) Open the SDK_Server_Win32 in Windows Explorer

    The SDK_Server_Win32 directory is not...
  6. Teamspeak 3 Unity Client: Scene is missing a fullscreen camera

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a new Unity 5 project
    2. Import Teamspeak 3 Unity package - Version
    3. Open exampleScene in Assets/TeamSpeak/Example
    4. Hit play

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