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  1. I clicked Fallback, and it gives me a new key, so...

    I clicked Fallback, and it gives me a new key, so now all my data is lost. Fine. However, when I go to use TS3, it won't let me. What am I doing wrong?
  2. How do I reset the account? I can't find...

    How do I reset the account? I can't find "fallback".
  3. No recovery key, so how do I continue?

    I lost my recovery key when my computer crashed, and now, on the new computer ... I have nothing. I had to change my password, so I really, really have nothing.

    Ok, I got that. I read some posts....
  4. [Resolved] Solved!

    Okay, when I uninstalled TS from the new computer, and made sure I was re-installing the current version of TS, the install went smoothly.

    So smoothly in fact, that I never got a chance to log in....
  5. [Resolved] ok, yes, on my laptop everything is synchronized...

    ok, yes, on my laptop everything is synchronized (I only have one identity).

    However, on my desktop, when I try to login (and do so successfully) it tells me it can't un-encrypt the data, I need...
  6. [Resolved] Moving identity from one computer to another

    I would like to have the same identity (and channels, and server list, etc.) on both my laptop and my just-rebuilt desktop.

    Everything I read on this forum or via Google seems to relate to older...
  7. Thanks!

    I did not "right-click" the server tab. Awesome! thank you very much!
  8. How to connect to 2 servers at once, in different tabs?

    I run Windows 7 Pro, and want to use/monitor 2 TeamSpeak servers at one time. I suspect they would be in separate tabs, yet I have not yet found a check-box to check to allow that.

    What should I...
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