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  1. Looking for: Third party web system for remote server group control.

    I'm looking for a web system, could be a forum with plugins or a web panel only that will allow users to create an account via email/password that then admins can place the users into group(s) which...
  2. First thought is you're in another server group...

    First thought is you're in another server group with a lower permission value for i_channel_min_depth that has the negate flag ticked. Check the groups you're in don't have the negate flag set on...
  3. Yeah; exactly what I wanted to avoid. Bugger....

    Yeah; exactly what I wanted to avoid. Bugger. Really hoped there was a better way around this.
  4. Channel Admin: Custom CA group doesn't inherit on new channel creation; defaults toCA

    I have created a custom channel admin group. We're going to call it "BobsCA" for reference here.

    When I give a user BobsCA in a channel it will inherit down as intended on the existing sub...
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    Multiplay shuts down / closes

    Some of you may be aware that Multiplay is closing it's doors. They are not taking on any more clients and will be shutting down existing services on February 28th.

    Anyone with a contract after...
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    [Resolved] Server Logs / Enable Logging

    We have a server supplied by a third party provider. (one of the big ones)

    We have need of certain logs enabled (in fact we just want them all on) show they show up in the server log in the...
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    It seems I made a mistake in my OP. I too have...

    It seems I made a mistake in my OP.

    I too have to restart the phone entirely to fix the problem. Restarting teamspeak makes no difference.

    I have:
    Sony Xperia XA1 G3121
    Android 8.0
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    Teamspeak disables phone 'loud' speaker

    Teamspeak disables the phones loud speaker which is used for the ringtone, music alarms and obviously speakerphone. The teamspeak audio it's self can be heard through the phone ear speaker as if I...
  9. Yeah It's true that, I do usually have a brie...

    Yeah It's true that, I do usually have a brie flook for a similar topic but i was rushed so i thought sod it.. anyway what you have said is my theory aswell, unfortunatly I'm still having no sucsess...
  10. Soem people can't conect to my servers, but most people can???

    Hi, I'm one of the admins of UCC ( ) who hosts free teamspeak servers, But I'm having a problem with one or two people conecting to us.

    If they enter a server adress for one...
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    Sticky: w0000t

    I can't belive from when i first posted in this topic so long go it's still going, lol.

    I sorted my problem anyway, Joined a hosting company and now we host them free for...
  12. Thread: ZoneAlarm

    by InFi[D]eL

    are you sure it's a ZOne Alarm problem? i NEVER...

    are you sure it's a ZOne Alarm problem? i NEVER had a problem with it. and i Use Zone Alarm for Ts. all you need to do is alow it acess. and accept connections,
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    Server Move...

    i want to move my server to another machine. wich files in the directory do i need to copy over to keep my server as it is?
  14. Thread: How do i...

    by InFi[D]eL

    How do i...

    How do i acess the web admin remotly?

    I am a server admin on a server that is hosted else ware, and i need to gain acess to the web based admin. can someone tell me the adress format to do so?
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    Sticky: m running ona Belkin router, and im having...

    m running ona Belkin router, and im having serious problems. i just dont understand it one bit, and nothing i try works, plz i need to get this working,if anyone can give me some help.
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