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    Check for server crash

    I'm running build 14957 on CentOS 5. Several times this week the server has crashed requiring me to log in and reboot it manually.

    If I setup a cron job to run the command
  2. Failure during pthread_create 12 on MySQL startup

    I'm trying to run a server on CentOS 5 using a MySQL dtabase. When I run the start script ( Beta 30 ) I get the follwing error:

    Failure during pthread_create 12

    A search reveals it may be a...
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    The libraries are the TS3 PHP libraries available...

    The libraries are the TS3 PHP libraries available on these forums. The script adds a user by connecting to the server via serverquery and adds the user with a addServerGroup function call.

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    Can't view users in server group client list


    I have beta30 ( Linux ) running fine but I've noticed a slight problem.

    I've used script which uses the PHP libraries to authenticate users. If I view a server group that contains users...
  5. Thanks Stefan. The option...

    Thanks Stefan. The option b_virtualserver_channel_list would give the idea that you are able to hide channels to groups but I guess that's not the case.
  6. No that's not it. When I set ...

    No that's not it. When I set i_channel_needed_join_power to 25 guests can't then join the channel as they have a power of 0. They can still see the channel though. Changing the...
  7. Disable guest from viewing channels and users on server

    Hi all,

    I've installed TS3 using a MySQL database and it all seems to be running fine. I'm now at the point of trying to get my head around the permission system :)

    On our Vent server if an...
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