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  1. Is Unreal Plugin 3.0.4 working with UE 4.17 ?

    Hello everyone!
    Can someone tell me if the Teamspeak Unreal Plugin 3.0.4 is working with UE 4.17 ?
    I had a project in 4.15 with TS plugin working, and I convert it in 4.17 and it doesn't work...
  2. TS SDK for Unreal Engine 4 Bind event to OnTalkStatusChangedEvent Crash the game

    Hello everyone!
    I am using TeamSpeak SDK (3.0.4) for Unreal Engine 4.
    I binded an event to OnTalkStatusChangedEvent to receaved notifications from talking players.
    But my game crashes sometime...
  3. TS SDK for Unreal Engine 4 doesn't find my capture and playback devices

    Hello everyone.
    I am using TeamSpeak SDK for Unreal Engine 4.
    The blueprint functions GetCaptureDeviceList and GetPlaybackDeviceList return empty list, so I can't communicate.
    I tried this in one...
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