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    Music Bot Sound issues

    So I recently made a music bot using this tutorial -->

    And when I play music I cannot change the volume of the music becuase when I do it automatically makes it louder or quieter depending on if I...
  2. [Resolved] Yeah, but shouldn't I be able to connect using...

    Yeah, but shouldn't I be able to connect using the 99.x.x.x IP? or does teamspeak only allow you using the LAN IP when connecting to a computer on your internet?
  3. [Resolved] I am using the 99.x.x.x

    I am using the 99.x.x.x
  4. [Resolved] Can only connect once to my server. Connection Problems.

    So recently I decided to setup a TS3 Server for my friends and I. I correctly port forwarded all the ports, and downloaded the latest server files. But I ran into a problem when connecting. I noticed...
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    Own Server Connection Problems

    Thanks for checking this out!
    So I am trying to make a server for me and my friends to use when we're gaming. I have port-forwarded 10011, 30033 and 9987. I downloaded the latest TS3 Server files...
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