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  1. 2 things im wondering about

    hi ...
    the first thing is...why i did have no choice if i want or want not to install. why i become a disconnect and by trying reconnecting the message says "update or you will never come back to...
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    [No Bug] but...

    hi dante...thx for your fast support.
    well i need to ask you....why this config does work a few days oder weeks ago. i played in this config for a loooooooong time and 2 or 3 updates ago this...
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    [No Bug] poke window in back of the ts client

    Hi my problem is...
    I play with dual screen. first screen for the game client and second screen for teamspeak and other tools.
    so when i did play wot (world of tanks) and somebody pokes me in ts3...
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