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  1. Automatic add a server to the favorite list ?

    Hey Guys!
    Yesterday i was on a public teamspeak server, that had in the channel description a text in bold : "Add to Favorites" .
    When i clicked on it, my favorite-list opened and i just need to...
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    [Resolved] Solved the problem

    hey the problem was, that the server did not unregister and so i could not start a new server
  3. Too many Slots hosted, shutting down!

    I have similiar problems with my server.
    I decited to reinstall my whole server and so i wiped everything, but i forget to stop my teamspeak server and i think that the license has not...
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    [Resolved] Error "Too many Slots hosted, shutting down" while starting with NPL

    Hey Guys,
    I think i have some problems with my NPL.
    Today i installed a new teamspeak3 server on my root server, everything works fine untill i drop the licensekey.dat in the root history.
    I use...
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