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  1. Intermittent microphone distortion in Windows 7

    In my Windows 7 install, I run the current Teamspeak 3 client, which I use on the system described in detail at the end of this post.

    Lately I have had a very annoying problem, wherein the...
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    Another update - licked the problem a different way

    Since I started this thread, I learned a couple of things:

    1) No, the 100% CPU use bug was NOT fixed. My initial post was only wishful thinking. I simply hadn't run TS3 long enough to see it...
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    TS3 100% CPU bug fixed?

    I just updated to the latest Linux client (beta 20, build 10723). I don't know for sure, but it looks as if the nasty 100% CPU use bug with PulseAudio may have been fixed.

    Of course it could also...
  4. Well, that didn't work either. After doing the...

    Well, that didn't work either.

    After doing the pulseaudio upgrade detailed above, TS3 was still eating 100% of my CPU. So I killed pulseaudio as well (pulseaudio -k). Now I get sound in TS3, but...
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    Another possible mitigation for TS3 in Ubuntu

    If you have at least a dual-core processor, you can also try confining TS3 to just one core so that it can't max out both. I tried running TS3 this way just now, and it seemed to eliminate the large...
  6. Thanks, that worked. Unfortunately, the Linux...

    Thanks, that worked.

    Unfortunately, the Linux TS3 client is still pretty much unusable because of the 100% CPU utilization bug. I can't use it while trying to play a game, but I guess I can wait...
  7. Why can't I start TS3 from a Launcher on the desktop?

    So far I can only start the TS3 client either

    1) from the command line or
    2) double-clicking on the executable in the folder where it's installed (using
    Nautilus, since I run Ubuntu 9.10).

  8. I am in exactly the same situation as you. I...

    I am in exactly the same situation as you. I recently switched to Ubuntu 9.10 as my main OS, but I had the same problems in Kubuntu 9.04, which also relies on Pulseaudio to a large extent.
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