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  1. Yeah, i figured it out aswell a while after i...

    Yeah, i figured it out aswell a while after i posted. Figured getClientID would allocate the memory for it aswell, just as the functions requiring char* do.
    Thanks tho! :)
  2. getClientID(uint64, anyID) ( c++ ) crashes teamspeak 3

    Trying to create a win10 toast plugin for teamspeak 3, and while most of the things work great, everytime i've tried to use getClientID() it causes an instant crash.

    Any ideas as to why?

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    [Resolved] customset and MariaDB

    Since server version 3.2.0 it's no longer possible to use privilegekeyadd with customset and MariaDB.
    Using a key generated by serverquery will result in a Database error popup on the client, and if...
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