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    Feature requests

    1) Could we please have in the options a section for configuring the "Away" settings when using the "Toggle Away" button i.e. some check boxes...

    When setting user status to "Away"

    [Tick Box]...
  2. ah well with it being a rented virtual server i...

    ah well with it being a rented virtual server i have no access to server query so i'll have to pass this info on.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    PS - It seems bizzare to me that you can...
  3. Problem: SA permissions lost after changing modify power :/

    Let me start by saying that my server is a rented server. I do not have access to the server files. Our TS3 server is a rented virtual server for which I have server admin level of 75.

    Now my...
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    Few possible bugs/errors/omissions

    Not sure if this is the best place to post these so can you direct me to where the best place is if its not... thanks.

    Loving the new TS3... big improvement over TS2.

    Few issues I've come...
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    Struggling with tickets after reinstall.

    Hi, I had a lot of problems with TS3 to begin with - I'm on windows 7 64bit and had to keep reinstalling the software after each use just to be able to log in again. I've since installed the 32 bit...
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