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  1. Setting up permissions to allow people to make channels

    I recently started my own server for Teamspeak so I can easily raid on World of Warcraft with friends.
    Now as standard option, people can create their own channels into the server, that's really...
  2. bumping this post...

    bumping this post...
  3. Teamspeak 3 Lua Plugin: How do I put an interval in my loop?

    I learned lua by playing a game called Roblox.
    Today I decided to start learning the Teamspeak 3 way of lua.
    On roblox I used to have an easy function called wait()
    If we filled in wait() it...
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    [Suggestion] Sound Hz mix panel

    I am currently on a Teamspeak every day of my World of Tanks clan.
    This clan does not have an age limit which means we have some of this children hanging around.
    Something they can yell which is a...
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