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  1. [Not Supported] TS 3.0.19 doesn't work on mac osx 10.7.5

    There are hundreds of users that use this osx and it isn't working for all of us. Please fix this.

    It crashes everytime you try to join a server.
  2. [Not Supported] Please, I cannot possibly update to 10.8 is there...

    Please, I cannot possibly update to 10.8 is there any possible way that you can fix this problem for 10.7.5? If not, me and probably a lot of other people can never possibly use teamspeak again....
  3. [Not Supported] Update: tried updating to TS The...

    Update: tried updating to TS The crashing upon startup is fixed, however, any time you try to connect to a server (be it 3.0.19.x or 3.0.18.x), the client will once again crash.

    CPU: 2.2...
  4. [Not Supported] Bug: Client Crash TS 3.0.19


    I noticed that this was a problem for other users as well, however, I am running OSX 10.7.5, and the TS 3.0.19 mac client will successfully download and install. However, when you click on...
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