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  1. Upgrading server version with MySQL

    Hey there!
    I'm still runnig version on Debian. I know that's old, but the thing is that I'm using it with an external MySQL database.

    Now I'd really like to upgrade it to a newer...
  2. [Rejected] "Channel edited" notifications not for every user

    I have a little suggestion to make.

    My (luxury) problem is, that everytime I edit a channel, all users get these notifications like "channel X was edited by Y".
    When editing multiple channels, I...
  3. Offline messages to entire server groups

    I would like to request a function to send offline messages to entire server groups.

    TeamSpeak became my main communication platform. As Admin, I sometimes recognize, that important matters are...
  4. [Resolved] [Already possible] Default Channel in Bookmarks: CID instead of Name

    In bookmarks, you are able to set a default channel to join on login.

    The problem is, that when the name of the specified channel (or its parent channel) changes, TeamSpeak can't find this channel...
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