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  1. [Evaluation] TS recognizes X56 stick but not throttle

    I just got a Logitech X56. All switches register in control panel and in games. Teamspeak, however, doesn't even recognize the throttle buttons. With my Saitek X45, when I assigned buttons, the...
  2. [Evaluation] Joystick button release still not being detected

    Having same problem as above. Joystick button releases not being detected. Looks like joystick not being properly recognized--shows as "Gamepad_Joystick" but I think it was previously recognized as...
  3. [Evaluation] Joystick key release not being recognized

    Up until recently, I have been able to toggle my microphone mute with a button on my joystick. For whatever reason, it stopped working, so I went in to re-map the button that mutes the mic on press...
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