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    I do not Agree! It does. Especially for...

    I do not Agree!

    It does. Especially for Communites / clans and streamers... for everyone who uses ts , except small 5-10 slot servers.
    It would be awesome if this feature would be just .....
  2. This happened to lots of my firends (didnt ask all who updated)

    Hi after update all of my mates which had custom skins saved in appdata got the same problem as me. Their skins didnt work proper. All of them (me also) had a folder of the skin in the installation...
  3. hmm no i've always used appdata as skin directory...

    hmm no i've always used appdata as skin directory .... i've had them in appdata but after installing the update they didnt work :/ when i copied them into the teamspeak install directory they worked....
  4. Ahh i did fix it :P

    Ah well i found out know why :P There is now also a styles folder in the ts3 directoy on "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client"
    Instead of only in "C:\Users\Vecrox\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client"

  5. Problem with styles/designs after update to 3.1

    Hey as we all installed the new release 3.1 today our styles dont work anymore. Well the font colours do. its black and blue :P but all the images / backgrounds / icons for arrows etc dont work.. i...
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    Sticky: Link/Url Font, Colour and Background

    Hi ive got a question i made my own skin for my Multigaming Community.

    The Problem is. It mostly is dark (Blue/Black) . Therefore Link (Standard colour darkblue) are very hard to see.

    Is it...
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    Teamspeak3 delay

    Ive got a problem with TS3

    When i start speaking ~2 seconds later teamspeak starts transmitting.... i did reinstall windows 7 duo of hardware changes but i still do have this problem...
  8. Hi, i got some issues with the bot. People try to...

    Hi, i got some issues with the bot. People try to text me. Their chat window at TS3 also show them my name (not the bots name)


    The text the insert still get to the bot so i cant see their...
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