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    Question regarding sendPluginCommand


    I am making a plugin which uses plugin commands to share positional data between clients, for that i am trying to use sendPluginCommand. Now sending a command to the whole channel, like...
  2. Ok, solved this. The reason why the event is...

    Ok, solved this.

    The reason why the event is not being called, is because the event is named INCORRECTLY in example plugin's plugin.h file.
    In it, the event is called...
  3. onCustom3dRolloffCalculationEvent does not work


    According to the plugin SDK, there are are a few 3d related functions. To control system settings - systemset3dsettings, to control position of clients - channelset3dattributes and...
  4. [PluginSDK]onCustom3dRolloffEvent issue


    I am currently writing a plug-in and have a need to override the default sound rolloff calculation (replace it with own formula, as some modifiers are involved), however the callback does...
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