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    Server segfault - latest version Linux

    Hi all,

    I'm running the latest TS3 server ( This server came up at 2014-01-08 (2 days after release). I'm running on a Debian Wheezy x86_64 bit system.

    Last night, at 2:15am the TS3...
  2. What exactly does this new DoS attack do?

    Hi there,

    I run a TS server for some people. Now the last few days users have been complaining that sometimes, for about 30 minutes or so the server gives >50% packetloss, disconnects or being...
  3. Thanks !

    Thanks !
  4. Ignore single server group permission in certain channel (force PTT) - how?


    I got a number of server groups, and at the moment I have force PTT for all groups except for 2. Those 2 groups can use voice activation/continuous transmission as well.

    Now that's all...
  5. Different servers with different users, can't make virtual servers, any fix?


    I downloaded/installed teamspeak in such a structure:

    /home/teamspeak/teamspeak_server/files. I used a root account to set things up, and once I wanted to run it I did a chown -R...
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    [Resolved] Hello, I didn't want to create a thread...


    I didn't want to create a thread unnecessarily, so I'll post it here. Sorry for the necro.

    I am also having this issue. I ran just fine for a few weeks now, and just added a NPL-license...
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