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    [Resolved] dante logging in on the windows client is giving...

    dante logging in on the windows client is giving me problems rn too, I know I have the right u and p since obviously I can post here. It is updated
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    Is the sole focus of TS5 to provide a direct...

    Is the sole focus of TS5 to provide a direct response to Discord?
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    I so agree with you on all of these points. I'd...

    I so agree with you on all of these points. I'd like to add a few of my own.

    1. STABILITY STABILITY STABILITY! Teamspeak's uptimes embarrass Discords. I am on a lot of servers for it and am...
  4. Sticky: NPL Question

    I'm curious, as most clans and guilds rely on donations to survive why was the requirement for no donation button added to the list of requirements?
  5. Identity Issue (can't connect with same identity twice to same server)

    Yeah I know hilarious title, I'm too tired to be creative right now.

    When connecting to a server attempting to use the same identity that I am connected on my PC I get an error saying that I...
  6. Thread: Icon GUI bug

    by kozarman1

    [No Bug] Icon GUI bug

    Please fix the issue when connected to a server that doesn't allow icons to display
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    [Resolved] Startup Bookmark UI Bug

    When moving my local bookmarks to synced bookmarks and creating a folder structure the servers that are set to connect to on startup on my pc client the bookmarks ceased to be in bold like they were...
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    [Resolved] Sudden Windows Client problem

    All of the sudden I can't run TS after running the physx legacy download to play moh airborne.

    Error Message I get says: "A referral was returned to the server"
  9. Thread: Ipod App

    by kozarman1

    Ipod App

    Hey I have looked all over your site and iTunes and I can't find any info how to get ahold of the beta app that was mentioned in the rc1 release announcement. Is that a closed beta or open? If closed...
  10. Quick Question about how Channel Group permissions transfer across a Server

    If a Channel Group has permissions to create a perm or semi-perm channel or edit a channel to make it a perm or semi-perm channel, they shouldn't be able to edit, or make a channel perm or semi-perm...
  11. [On Todo] Is there anything that the TeamSpeak Team is...

    Is there anything that the TeamSpeak Team is working on to maybe create a set guest channel area that accomplishes what I am looking for?
  12. [On Todo] I am trying to configure things so that guests...

    I am trying to configure things so that guests can create temp channels w/pass, but only able to do so under one main channel in my channel tree. Below is my channel tree as it appears on the server....
  13. [On Todo] Force subchannel option/ limit guests from creating channels under last channelintree

    First and foremost let me say thanks to TeamSpeak for their work on the TS3 beta, the options and customization is awesome! I am on staff at the gaming website and we provide a free 500...
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