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  1. Sticky: [Resolved] Many thanks.

    Many thanks.
  2. Sticky: [Resolved] Many people have asked about the Israel flag. :D

    Many people have asked about the Israel flag. :D
  3. Sticky: [Resolved] This is not good! IP address bug. But I already wrote once.

    Hi guys!

    I wrote this because once, but it's getting worse. Included a picture of the problem. Possibly some idea?

    I know the RIPE database is updated monthly. This is sure?

  4. Sticky: [Resolved] Are you sure? Three months of this.

    Are you sure? Three months of this.
  5. Sticky: [Resolved] Please check RIPE database (Europe). This...

    Please check RIPE database (Europe). This authoritative.
  6. Hello! Unfortunately, only the reinstallation...


    Unfortunately, only the reinstallation helped. Somehow corrupted the database. But now all is well.

    First realized was that the logs are full.

  7. Solved...

    VERY thanks to help.
  8. 2010.08.20. 8:28:22 ...

    2010.08.20. 8:28:22 PermGroupMgr Warning cldbid: 19, double assigned for sgid: 7, ignoring!
    2010.08.20. 8:28:22 VirtualServer Info listening on ...
  9. Server Crash beta28-pre (permission_manager.cpp:895;)


    The server often stop. Why is that?

    1 day:

    2010-08-18 21:04:07.705913|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| query client connected 'Unknown from'(id:2797)
  10. Replies

    Chat notification system


    It would be fine to do Skype chat-like signal. As notify me when new messages arrive. This is very good, it would be able to TeamSpeak.

    Like this:...
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