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  1. Sticky: Spacer Permission for Every Group!!!!

    well Basically what i want to do is to create 3 groups "A,B,C". and 3 Spacers with their respective channels "Spacer 1,2,3". what happened is that when i setup permissions to groups and spacers like...
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    Server Crash - Channels erase Auto...

    Well, i have been usin ts3 for 6 months and it was going great, 2 weeks ago our server restart and we appear all in the same chanel but all channels and subchannels were delete it. we though was a...
  3. DB Server Crash - Temporary Groups error..

    I have been working great for 6 months with my ts3 Server, 2 days ago my server crash, after analizing a lot of things we did come with the idea that the problem was with the DB, so we restoreit with...
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