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  1. [On Todo] can't connect to any server for some reason?

    Today I updated my TS5 client and tried to connect to one of the servers I use and nothing happened

    - (TS5 screenshot)

    - (ts3 screenshot)
  2. [Resolved] Then they should fix this thing -...

    Then they should fix this thing
  3. [Resolved] Issue with "Teamspeak 3 Develoeper"

    Well yeah i posted a thread on January 20th, 2017, 08:39 PM and since that i haven't got my "Teamspeak 3 Developer" badge or anything, yeah i uploaded an Addon and i think it got accepted i'm pretty...
  4. I'm waiting too like over 2 weeks and still i...

    I'm waiting too like over 2 weeks and still i didn't get my Developer of Addons Icon (Or Status)?!
  5. Developer Status: Waiting for approval.

    Developer Status:Waiting for approval.
    I'm wating couple of days so how much i will need to wait?
  6. myTeamSpeak : Developer Status

    Developer Status:Waiting for approval.
    HOw much do i need to wait?
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