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  1. Hi dante! Thanks for your reply. Yes i already...

    Hi dante!
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes i already negated this permission. I also checked the Guestgroup where it already worked. This permission is negated there too.
  2. Is it possible to restrict the Gametracker query clients subscribe power?

    I use the Service of Gametracker. I am asking myself if it is possible to restrict the querys channel subscribe power. I dont want that the client is able to see other rooms then normal Users.
  3. How to restrict access to the Filebrowser so that only Channelmember can access

    Hi Community!

    Following Situation:
    normally the Access to the Filebrowser is forbidden everywhere on my Server, except one Channel (FileTranferChannel).
    All Other Channels have the Standard...
  4. [Evaluation] nope, still not working

    OK, nope, failure still occures.
    In Detail what happens at my device is the following:

    I got an iPhone
    Put in the Earplugs
    Open the TS App
    Join my Favorite with the Standard Profile
  5. [Evaluation] Possible solution

    Possible solution:
    Deinstalled the app, restarted the iphone, installed the app out off the appstore again then closed the appstore opened the app reconfigured id and favs. Seems to be working will...
  6. [Evaluation] Failure confirmed

    Can confirm this behaviour on ios 9.3.1 and ts app

    Any solutions so far? The failure occurs since several versions and it is very annoying
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    Bot, Muted when Usersession gets locked

    Hi Community,

    i am searching for a correct solution of my Workaround. I think a lot of us got this problem, but i cant find anyone who has already asked the community.
    I've got a musicbot running...
  8. I've got the same Problem, have u solved it?

    My Problem is the same:
    Once a User is a Channel Admin he can edit every Channel on the Server. The only restriction is, that he has to be in his channel.

    i checked this already and in my...
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    [Resolved] i think he used the word say but meant write

    I've got a similar Problem and think that he meant write instead of saying:

    I want to disable the bbcode. Some users of my TS Server send scam links and try to hide them with bbcode. I know that...
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    default values for channel created by channeladmin

    Hi community, Hi developer,

    i've got the following scenario:
    my TeamSpeak Server, just have a few channel were guests can join and a lot for known users.
    I also have some Channel were a couple...
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