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  1. Apparently, mine was merged here, but this still...

    Apparently, mine was merged here, but this still doesn't answer fundamental questions.

    how long does a command block last for? can you change the determined amount of time?
  2. How does the Anti-Flood System Work

    Hi guys,

    There really ISNT a good guide as to how exactly the teamspeak antiflood system works. I want to understand it. I've found very few forum posts and actually help : refrence link below :
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    Server Query Delete Temporary Password

    For the life of me, I cannot find a command via server query to DELETE a temporary password like you can in the TS3 Interface. Is there such a command?

    I understand these passwords are temporary,...
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    Migrating DB to new host has problems

    I am running two amazon AMI's with basics installed (grep, nano, amazon CLI).

    I have Server A and server B.

    My plan, is to have server A backup its sqlite db every 15-20 minutes to Amazon S3,...
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    [Resolved] Teamspeak will not connect to ANY server.

    Hello to all that can help.

    I came home today, only to find i could not connect to ANY teamspeak server i have previously (up to yesterday) connected to.

    Information is below :

    I run...
  6. [Not possible] Permission to add groups to self.


    I manage a rather large/active teamspeak and want to have users be able to assign specific channel groups to themselves only in certain channels. But only assign them to themselves. They...
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    the permission you want to change for their...

    the permission you want to change for their server group is the i_channel_join_power and change that to 65.
  8. [Not possible] Create a secondary global server query account

    I am looking to find a way to make a GLOBAL server query account similiar to 'serveradmin" but 'below' it (by chainging certain permissions sure as create and stop servers) and such. Is this...
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