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    I mean 8132 the icon that we upload not the...

    I mean 8132 the icon that we upload not the server group.

    Sorry for making you misunderstanding and thx for your advance!
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    Possible to organize icon in icon_id?

    Is it possible to organize it. It seems that the name of the icon change to a number.
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    (Correct me if I understand your question...

    (Correct me if I understand your question correctly)
    I think no for the server everyone will go to the default channel when you first connect . Because you can only select 1 default channel at a...
  4. Giving a server group to the all server member at a time?

    Is there a way to give a server group to a set amount of people or the entire server at a time?
    (Struggling giving one by one :/)

    Sorry if this should be in the general section (Not sure if it is...
  5. [Request] Text Detection to play music/audio file

    [Request] A text detection system to play some music file

    For Example: set "Hi!" as the text detection

    A: Hi! How are you doing?

    And the computer runs the set music/audio file

    (It would...
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    Whisper Permission Help!!T-T

    how can i set so no one can whisper to a person in specific channel


    Client A(In Room A) can't whisper to Client B(In Room B) [Room B has permission]
  7. [Resolved] Thx for the Replies it helps me alot :)

    Thx for the Replies it helps me alot :)
  8. [Resolved] Can we set when user join and see the channel's description(First they don't see)

    As the Title said,

    Is it possible to set it like this?
    1)They don't see the Description of the channel
    2)If they join the channel they would see the Channel's Description
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    [Resolved] Is there any way to moved the Server group up and down?

    As the title said..

    I really had hard time on it because I can't insert new server group between another sv. group:confused:

    This is no SDK question!
    Your thread has been moved and has been...
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