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  1. doesn't want to work through my headset.


    So I have a headset connected to my PC via jack, and by discord and all the other stuff related to my PC, whether it's video games, discord, mumble, everything goes to Teamspeak 3 uses the...
  2. [No Bug] Sincerely, it was late

    Hello / Good evening, osef of the schedule.

    I would like to be polite, but it seems to complicate the bypasses, I will argue and not try not to tilt,
    So the problem is this:

    "I do not have any...
  3. Replies

    Cordialement, il étais tard

    Bonjour/Bonsoir, osef de l'horaire.

    J'aimerait être polie, mais cela me semble compliquer vus les circontances, je vais me contenir et ne essayer de ne pas tilt,
    Donc le problème est le suivant :...
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