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    Avatars only working for some

    Recently, me and some of our team members have been noticing that avatars can only be seen/set by a couple of select people on the server. For those that can't, when they try to assign one, it gives...
  2. [Evaluation] TS3 3.1.3 only sometimes detects controller

    This issue has only come up with the last couple of Teamspeak updates, and I'm getting rather annoyed by it. When I go to set my PTT button on my controller, I have to press it several times for it...
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    [Resolved] Thanks, but I want server group I can just slap...

    Thanks, but I want server group I can just slap on them anytime I need that will override all the other server groups they may have and fit the conditions I listed initially, and be able to remove it...
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    [Resolved] How do I make a "Disabled" server group?

    UPDATE: Solved it with the help of a friend.

    My TS server needs a "Disabled" server group for the naughty people :P. It needs to be able to do the following:

    1. Stop the person from moving to...
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