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  1. how small od a dedicated server can Teamspeak 3 server run on? Atom?

    I want to set up a dedicated TS3 box for teamspeak. Used to rent servers and had terrible results with lag/latency dropping people, and DDOS attacks. Running my own TS3 server I have zero problems,...
  2. I meant UDP ..sorry! It is set to UDP. I use...

    I meant UDP ..sorry! It is set to UDP.

    I use the localhost for me but others in another state can not log in and I was testing it by trying with another machine. Failed to work for anyone trying...
  3. people can not log in my server

    After trying a few server rentals and having unsatisfactory service and performance issues I installed my own server here. I can log in local host with an issue but when trying to log in via the...
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    Sticky: Can this be set up on a rental server

    I am renting a TS3 hosting server and would like this tool. Can it be used when renting from a TS3 hosting provider?
    Also how can this be set up to run on the rental/hosting server?
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    Teamspeak server hosting

    I have had a serious problem with two server hosting providers where I have rented server from. I won't mention their names unless it's okay to do so. Here is the problem I had a great hosting...
  6. Private rooms, visiblity to the clients?

    I am running Team Speak 3 (TS3) on game servers. Now the question I have is, can I make a room where the admins can go and not have this room show up as 3 of 25 clients in that room or when they hit...
  7. Yes it does exist ts3db_sqlite3.dll, and there is...

    Yes it does exist ts3db_sqlite3.dll, and there is also a ts3db_mysql.dll file.

    I have ran teamspeak for many months and this happened at that last full upgrade and at that time I was too busy...
  8. Server issue

    I forgot to subscribe to this Thanks for any suggestions ahead of time.
  9. WIN XP. unable to load database plugin library

    2011-04-07 21:21:28.171875|INFO |ServerLibPriv | | Server Version: 3.0.0-beta30 [Build: 12998], Windows
    2011-04-07 21:21:28.187500|CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery | | unable to load database plugin...
  10. The license is valid. I have the original...

    The license is valid.

    I have the original license key email, and it is the right license key.

    I loaded the licensekey.dat file as downloaded from the email, into the folder which has the...
  11. Are we talking about the main folder? If so thats...

    Are we talking about the main folder? If so thats where I placed the licensekey.dat file
  12. I am thinking I may not have put the license key...

    I am thinking I may not have put the license key right. I can't find anything that shows how it's done. I am not familiar with team speak yet. Also I can use putty in telnet mode only as the ssh mode...
  13. error id=2816 msg=virtualserver\slimit\sreached

    I added my NPL license key to the installation folder. Tried to create a new server and get this. What did I do wrong?

    error id=2816 msg=virtualserver\slimit\sreached
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    Can I globally Mute, except a few?

    Okay I am new to all this.
    Teamspeak build 11315
    version 4.6.2 beta 3

    When I have a Guest speaker I want to be able to globally mute everyone except the speaker and myself and maybe a couple of...
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