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    Sticky: [Resolved] Keys are not recognized by client

    I attempted to use keys including letters, forward slash, and tilde as my mute key and none of them are recognized. I am able to use the Alt key, but hardly anything else is recognized. I updated a...
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    Mute microphone audio indicator

    Too many times have I had to move to an AFK channel to indicate to everyone in the channel know that one person is not available to listen anymore. I could tell them something like "Hey, I'm muting."...
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    [Rejected] I think more thought should be considered for this.

    I think there needs to be something done about the issue of having to click 'ok' each time someone joins a server and wants to chat in their default channel. Maybe the default server chat is...
  4. (OS X) Mic activation doesn't work after computer sleeps. Restarting solves it.

    I have OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.1
    TeamSpeak 3
    Version (10/22/15 06:14:48)
    Qt Version 5.5.0

    When I close my computer, it goes into a sleep/standby state. If I close my computer...
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