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  1. Thanks Bluscream, I hadn't considered that my...

    Thanks Bluscream, I hadn't considered that my client could be the issue. Definitely going to reinstall after christmasing.
  2. Server dropping all clients / Failed to read image errors

    Around a month ago my server began to randomly drop clients, sometimes just 1, other times it drops everyone.

    Initially I thought the issue was caused by an OS update I ran on my server, but then...
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    NPL question

    I'm trying to apply for a non profit license and the requirements show that i need a domain with email... does it matter what domain suffix i choose? I'm broke and trying to do this as cheap as...
  4. Im an idiot, sorry for wasting your time lol, i...

    Im an idiot, sorry for wasting your time lol, i forgot about the license...
  5. Max slot limit reached above 32 slots "Error id=2817"

    I recently decided to migrate my TS3 server laptop from windows XP to Ubuntu 12.04.
    Although i took a linux admin class in college i'm still somewhat noob to linux.

    I got the server up and...
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