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  1. [No Bug] New up date 3.3.0 not working

    Hi all

    Just did the update and when I log in to my ts3 it will come up with... Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command. I have asked the server what is going on and they...
  2. [Resolved] Downloading Ranks/Icons

    Hi all

    My TS3 is having some problem with some of my members. When a new member joins the TS3 he/she can not see the ranks or icons we keep getting icons not found as you can see below....
  3. Help With TFB TS3

    Hi all

    I am looking for some one to help me set up the permissions on TFB TS3 we`ve been at it for 8 months and keep running into trouble at some point. So I`d like to put this to bed. I am...
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