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    Image Over Background Image?

    I'm wanting to add a logo that scales in the corner of chat on top of the chat background. How do I do this? Adding image:,image-position:,etc. to ChatTab doesn't work.

    Also, how do I make the...
  2. Is an External Text Chat Client For the Channel You Are In Possible?

    Question in title. Is it possible to create an external app for the text chat in your channel? I'm wanting to create an app for this mainly for self-teaching purposes, but would like to know if that...
  3. Same here. Windows 7 64-bit, and a Turtle Beach...

    Same here. Windows 7 64-bit, and a Turtle Beach headset. Though, it also happened when I was using 32-bit OS.
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    Doesn't seem to be doing anything. I don't see...

    Doesn't seem to be doing anything. I don't see any error messages anywhere and it's not red, it just doesn't change anything. Is it out of date?

    EDIT: Ignore me. I'm an idiot and didn't realize...
  5. "Invalid Device" For Capture Device (Using Virtual Audio Cable on a VM)

    Hello, I'm trying to set up Music Bot on a virtual machine running Windows XP SP3 and I'm having problems with teamspeak.

    I'm using VirtualBox and disabled Audio from the settings like it says in...
  6. [REQUEST] TS3 Radio Bot (Plays Online Radio Streams)

    Hello, I have seen this before on Ventrilo where there are music channels with bots that play an online radio stream such as ones found on shoutcast or something like it.

    I haven't been able to...
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    Latest Release for wget?

    Hello, I'm trying to find a link for the latest release to use with wget so I can get the server set up on my VPS.

    OS: Debian 5.0 32Bit

    EDIT: Sorry for possible wrong section.

    EDIT2: Sorry...
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