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  1. [Resolved] Proper backup?

    Hi there,

    I really want to reinstall my dedicated server (Debian 7 to Debian 8) which has an annual ts3 license running on it, aswell as a full functioning server with 99+ channels, servergroups...
  2. As you can see on this print screen of WinSCP, it...

    As you can see on this print screen of WinSCP, it appears that the user has permissions to do it.
  3. Cannot start server at all - Logs and core included

    Log from console:

    ./ createinifile=1
    2015-12-01 04:49:39.768710|ERROR |ServerLibPriv | | Failed to create "logs" directory
    2015-12-01 04:49:39.768995|INFO ...
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    Official Teamspeak VPN Ban?

    Hi there,

    I tried to connect to teamspeaks own server and got an instant VPN ban. Why? I seriosuly do not know since I do not run any type of VPN. I have however different DNS servers than what my...
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    Network option in teamspeak?

    Hi there,

    I'm about to connect two routers in one LAN, were the 1 router has directly access to my ISP, and the 2 router has access to router 1 but uses VPN.

    Therefore, I'm able to use for...
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    A guide to learn how to make a skin?

    Hi there!

    I've been looking on the net all day now, and I've not yet to find a guide how to make your own skin for your clan or community for example.

    Does any of you guys know where I can find...
  7. Restricting ServerGroups from a selection of channels

    Hi there!

    How is it possible to take a servergroup, and make that servergroup unable to join specific channels?
    I've got around 5-6 server groups, and each group should have their own channel and...
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    Would like to say that the thread which you posed...

    Would like to say that the thread which you posed didn't really help me out that much.
    As one writes,

    at one cpu 1.6 Ghz.

    As i understand, RAM wouldnt be a problem really.
    By my math, one...
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    Server Setup and hardware

    Hi there!

    I've just recently started a new registret company, selling game- and voice servers.

    My question being - If I am to get a physical server, dedicated only to Teamspeak3 hosting - what...
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