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    Why not have it as an option for those who have...

    Why not have it as an option for those who have lots of bandwidth to spare, it's for music not voice? My bot doesn't spam music when nobody is there.
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    Opus Music improvement

    Can you raise the bitrate for Opus music to 320 kbps? I have a sinusbot and want to experience the full quality it can provide. As I don't like youtube because they throttle the bitrate to 100 kbps.
  3. [Resolved] Hi Dante, I don't see "ts3server.sqlitedb" in...

    Hi Dante,

    I don't see "ts3server.sqlitedb" in my teamspeak folder, but I do see "" and "" what are those? I forgot where I had my mariadb thats why I'm asking...
  4. [Resolved] Help moving server

    Hello, I am moving vps and I'm not sure which files to look at? I have mariadb, but I don't know which file it is? It's not or I also can't find the...
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