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  1. Clients in some groups can see channel members even with insufficient subscribe power

    I have about ~100 groups on our server most of which have i_channel_subscribe_power of between 20-50 and I have a set of three rooms with needed_channel_subscribe_power of 70. 3 groups can see the...
  2. How to do a user purge with minimal downtime?

    The need case: we run a 1,024 user TeamSpeak server for a very large gaming community, our "slow times" see an average of 250-300 clients connected while peak is up to 850 users connected. In the...
  3. Custom permission group cannot set channel permissions

    We have a server group called "Guild Officers" with "Channel Permission Modify Power" (50) and when they create channels/sub-channels they're create with "Needed Channel Permission Modify Power" (50)...
  4. Default needed join power / inherit join power

    Our setup is as follows:

    [spacer0] Guilds (Needed Join Power:10)
    - Guild 1 (Needed Join Power:10)
    - Guild 2 (Needed Join Power:10)
    - Guild 3 (Needed Join Power:10)

    When guild officers create...
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