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  1. [Suggestions] Whisper to channel commander in one specific channel

    As title suggest add the ability under whisper lists to whisper to channel commanders in specific channels (drag and drop channels).

    Currently one have to set up it to whispers to sub channels...
  2. "channel client permission" aint that for...

    "channel client permission" aint that for individuals clients and not for all who joins a subchannel and want to use channel commander? And the only permission I seem to find is to take away the CC...
  3. Channel commander when subchannels is main channels!

    Is it possible to set up CC so it stays whit in subchannels!

    Currently using the setup on the picture but it then forces us to use a CC channel as the "enemy" and the rest of the tournaments can...
  4. [Suggestion] Add Whispers as a option in the 3D sound menu

    In the 3D sound menu under a channel one can relocate persons in that channel in relation to you. If one could have more options like have the whole channel on the left side and whispers/channel...
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    In TS2 one could export key bindings so others...

    In TS2 one could export key bindings so others could download and use them, will that be possible in future releases?
  6. Group power extends out side there assigned channels (Create channel power)

    I have 6 channel groups where only one group have create a channel power, the problem is that the group can create a channel/sub-channel out side there assigned main channel. Am I missing a option...
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